Five-Minute Writing Tip: Talkin’ Texan

Texas Style
  1. I’m fixin’ to means: I’ll do it in a minute.
  2. I might could means: I could do it, but maybe not, or, Let me think about it.
  3. Come go with me simply means: Go with me, or come with me. But “come” along with “go” sounds a lot more inviting.
  4. I’m gonna buy me a new car means: I’m going to buy a new car. But if you add the word “me,” you’re darn clear that the car you’re buying will be for you only.
  5. Right quick means: It is not an option. Do it now, buddy, or you’d better hop to it.
  6. Sure nuff’ mean: That’s truth, I agree, or you’d better believe it.
  7. I’m going to the house means: I’m going home to MY house, not yours.
  8. I’m gonna go means: I’m going to the store now, or I’m going to the store soon, or I’m going to the store when I feel like it.
  9. I better get going means: I have to leave now. I’ve wasted enough of your time and mind.
Mayor of Terlingua



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Kathleen Kaska

Kathleen Kaska

Metaphor Writing Coach. Author of the Sydney Lockhart mysteries and the Kate Caraway mysteries. I blog about, “Growing Up Catholic in a Small Texas Town.”