Murder at the Arlington

A Sydney Lockhart Mystery Chapter 20

Kathleen Kaska


Dixon said we couldn’t leave. He didn’t say we couldn’t have company. I called room service and ordered another bottle of wine just to have an excuse to talk to Mickey. He’d proved a valuable ally and topnotch snoop.

“That went well,” Ruth said. “Except for maybe the ice cream.” “What were you thinking?” I got caught up in the moment. You know how I am.”

I started taking my new clothes from their boxes and putting them in the drawers.

“I think you did okay in your selections,” Ruth said, “considering the little time you had.” I detected a slight disapproval in her voice, but appreciated her attempt at kindness.

“I do miss my jade sandals though. I never got to wear them with my new green cap that Rita gave me.”

“You must be devastated.” I threw a wine cork at her.

Before she could find something to throw at me, Mickey arrived with our order. We got down to business for the second time that night.

“When do you get off work, Mickey?”

“I just punched the time clock before I came up. I’m at your service. Need me to do any more investigating?” He eyed the buffet table and raised his eyebrows. Ruth took the hint and filled a plate for him. Party…



Kathleen Kaska

Author of the Sydney Lockhart mysteries and the Kate Caraway mysteries. I blog about, “Growing Up Catholic in a Small Texas Town.”